About As

The company continuously works on the market since 1994. We specialize in the construction of a outer network, such as sanitary drainage, drainage of roads, bridges, buildings, construction of heat distribution lines, gas and water supply network. We are able to cope with all requirements of the investor. We carry a large projects e.g. storm water drainage of highways and roads, as well as the smaller projects e.g. building local sanitation and water supply networks. Each topic is approached in a professional manner. We have a large fleet of modern construction equipment ranging from excavators, with wheeled excavators, backhoe loaders, trucks, vans, high power generators, pumps, drainage, rollers and all kinds of compactors.

We are a rapidly growing company, which enjoys a long-standing confidence of our customers. Our asset is our team of highly professional recording engineers, foremen and workers, so that we can meet the needs of the investor.

In the opinion of customers, P.B.I. PEBIS Sp. z o.o. is seen as a reliable company. Performs assigned tasks on schedule and in a professional manner, using modern technology and maintaining high quality standards. We offer our services in the design, construction and rental of construction equipment. We are one of the few companies in Poland, having a current reference in design and implementation of underground retention storage with a Glassfiber Reinforced Plastic (GRP) pipes diameter of 3m. We were one of the companies taking part in tunnel launching operation under the railway in Warsaw. We pioneered technologically challenging projects. We are not afraid to take on new challenges with great enthusiasm approach to their implementation.

Currently, our business is focused mainly in Masovia region. Our goal for the coming years is to strengthen the position in the local market and further expansion of Polish regions. We plan to expand the scope of activities of the new sectors of the construction industry.